Thursday, March 31, 2011


A good friend recently told me that after years of trying to write, and being unable to, she’s finally broken through. “What happened?” I asked her. She answered that it’s been a combination of things: someone new coming into her life with wonderful words of encouragement, loving support from people who’ve always been there, and, also – the timing is right. Where there has been frustration in the past, now her words, thoughts, and recollections are fully there and ready to be expressed. When she’s writing she’s in a clear place -- a real and centered and safe space, in which she’s found her voice. And because she’s writing from the heart she knows that her words and experiences will touch others.

According to a very old form of astrology called 9 Star Ki or I Ching, 2011 carries the energy of 7 Lake. This is a perfect time to pick up creative projects that have been waiting on the sidelines, because the essence of the 7 Lake “house” is finding your expression. It is also a time for enjoyment, celebration, reaping the rewards of our efforts, and recognizing achievements. It represents the harvest and the fullness of life. More than ever, we are encouraged to experience and fully appreciate the world through our senses -- tasting, touching, smelling, seeing, and hearing the richness of our lives. Memories, too, may be especially vivid this year.

I am excited that my friend JoDee is clearing the way for her writing to come center stage into her life. It’s uplifting to be around someone who has found her creative expressive self because it encourages me to find that place within myself. Feng Shui teaches us that we all do have a creative and very wise inner being which is looking for expression not only in our homes, but our lives. In fact, maybe there’s a project or two I’ve had on the back burner which can come forward into being. This is a very good year for cooking with some new ingredients!